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Training and Diversity Education

Barker Diversity Consulting is available to provide your organization, institution, or department with learning experiences, workshops, and activities designed to allow your team to better understand, explore, and implement diversity and inclusion principles ranging from the introduction of diversity concepts and policies to specialized topics (e.g., implicit bias and inclusive excellence). These educational experiences are developed based on your organization’s needs, climate, context and level of engagement as assessed by our team and a pre-consultation.

Strategic Planning, Program Implementation, and Talent Management


Devising successful strategies to build, sustain, and advance diversity and inclusion efforts and initiatives involves a perfect balance of expertise, planning, context, resource allocation, and the most optimal next steps. Our firm is equipped to assist you and your organization, institution, or department through any or all parts of the strategic planning process and/or program implementation. These approaches may include developing diversity and inclusion offices and roles, committees, events, programs, and other forms of infrastructure aimed at building your capacity to provide a more welcoming environment and to support your diversity and inclusion initiatives and efforts.


Research and Facilitation

The ability to allow members of organizations to be heard and provide feedback is important to bolstering diversity and inclusion. Barker Diversity Consulting can provide clients with opportunities to gather information and data from members of the organization —internal and external, capture feedback and interactions during program(s), facilitate small-group or large-group conversations, dialogues, and/or working meetings, and synthesize these data into meaningful executive summaries. Having an external facilitator allow for all members of your organization to be engaged in or observe the experience without the responsibility of guiding the conversation.

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