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can assist your organization in putting the pieces together!


The spirit of this boutique firm is to infuse an engineering approach to maximizing and optimizing diversity and inclusion (D&I). This approach includes examining multiple factors, identifying strengths and opportunities, and building on an organization’s foundation in ways that are effective, efficient, and productive. Let us find the right D&I solution match for your organization. Part of this work includes the SLIDE Rule, which involves a consulting strategy that is:

Strategic * Leadership-Oriented * Innovative * Developmental * Educational & Evaluative

Our firm is prepared to assist your organization with training and developmentstrategic planning and program design, and data collection of feedback. Whether you are seeking to provide your team with professional development or creating a diversity initiative, we can jump start your D&I efforts. We know that diversity and inclusion is important to you and where to start can be challenging. Let us take out the guess work.

Meet our team or submit a request.

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