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Sharbari Dey, MSW, PhD

Sharbari is a diversity professional working in global organizational diversity, inclusion and engagement. She brings expertise in facilitation, policy impacts on employee lifecycle and designing evidence-based initiatives to advance thriving multicultural environments in the workplace.​ Her areas of interest include gender/racial equity, diversity metrics, professional learning and development of DEI and, development of equitable policies.


  • PhD (Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development) – North Carolina State University, NC

  • MSW (Criminology and Correction Administration) – Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India

  • BS (Electronic Science) – University of Pune, India

Professional Roles

  • Director for DEI Programs - Geisinger

  • Director of Diversity and Inclusion - University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

  • Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager - Ipas

  • Assistant Director, Education and Special Initiatives for Diversity & Multicultural Affairs (Division of Workforce Strategy, Equity & Engagement) -- University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • Program Coordinator, Women’s Center – Virginia Tech

  • Research and Program Assistant, Women’s Center (Office of Equity, Diversity & Community Outreach) – Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

Other Roles

  • Board Member and Facilitator, we are (Working to Extend Anti-Racist Education) – Durham, NC

Select Publications

Articles (Refereed Articles)

  • Parker, P., Dey, S.K., Caldwell, K.  (Forthcoming). Empowering faculty leaders as transformative change agents: A case study of a faculty diversity liaison program. 

  • Plummer, C.A.; Ai, A.; Lemieux, C.M.; Richardson, R.; Dey, S.K.; Taylor, P.; Kim, H.; & Spence, S. (2008) Volunteerism Among Social Work Students During Hurricane Katrina and Rita: A report from the Disaster Area. Journal of Social Service Research, 34(3), 55-71.​

Book Chapters

  • Dey, S.K. (April 2020). Discomforting: The need for culturally relevant professional development for educators. In Caldwell, E.K. & Chavez, E. (Eds.), Engaging the African diaspora in K-12 education. Peter Lang Publishing: New York.


  • Dey, S.K., Faison, C., & Boehm, E. (December 2019 & March 2020). Facilitation for Equity in Teaching Institute, Center for Faculty Excellence at UNC Chapel Hill.

  • Dey, S.K. & Rubio, A. (June 2018). Why Understanding Intersectionality Matters in the Workplace. Presentation at the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in American Higher Education. San Francisco: California.

  • Dey, S.K. (March 2018). Between the Line: Allyship and Appropriation. Presentation at Let’s Talk Racism Conference. Durham: North Carolina.

  • Dey, S.K. (June 2017). Culturally Responsive Teaching. Presentation at the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in American Higher Education. Fort Worth: Texas.

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Sharbari brings an intersectional and equity lens to organizational diversity. Her scholarship explores how social identities emerge in the workplace and ways that organizations can practice inclusion beyond performative allyship. Her areas of practice include leadership development, performance management, DEI curriculum development and developing sustainable employee resource groups.

Speaking Topics include:

  • Building High Trust Teams

  • Engaging in Difficult Conversations

  • Bias and Chilly Climate

  • Organizational Allyship/Co-conspirator 

Speaking Topics
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