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Our Focus: "Putting the pieces together."

Diversity and inclusion are paramount to organizations remaining innovative, creative, and the most responsive to a changing and dynamic world. However, new talent and existing workforces must develop an ability to be reflective, responsive, and eventually, proactive in ways that are culturally relevant, knowledge-based, research-based, and data driven.


barkerdiversityconsulting can assist your organization in further developing your staff, initiatives, or leadership development opportunities while also working with you and/or team on visioning for diversity and inclusion.


As part of a data-driven approach, Barker Diversity Consulting is also available to conduct interviews, observations, information harvesting, case study research, and other basic data analysis.


"Engineering the right diversity strategy begins with commitment, calls for research and reflection, and translates into action."

 Marco Barker, PhD
Founder and Principal

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